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AP Physics C

As a means of further developing a Mindfulness for your learning, at the beginning of the learning plan complete a calendar to schedule the tasks. At a minimum the calendar should be updated upon completion of tasks.

Formula Sheet:
Students may use a clean formula sheet on tests and exam. 

AP Physics C

Textbooks: Giancoli, 5th edition, Physics with Calculus,  & Physics for Scientists & Engineers, Servay, 7th ed.

College Board Approved Syllabus

Science EALRs and Standards 9-12:
1. EALR 1 Systems (SYS) Core Content: Predictability and Feedback; SYSA ~ SYSD   
2. EALR 2: Inquiry (INQ) Core Content: Conducting Analyses and Thinking Logically; INQA ~ INQH
3. EALR 3: Application (APP) Core Content: Science, Technology, and Society; APPA ~ APPF
4. EALR 4: Physical Science Big Idea: Force and Motion (PS1) Core Content: Newton’s Laws; PS1A ~ PS1E

Learning Requirements:
1. Regularly attend classes/appointments with instructor.
2. Each week record up to nine hours outside of class time for this learning plan.
3. Participate in the activities in the best, safest manner and complete the weekly assignments to be determined by the teacher.
4. The student is expected to complete all assignments by the Target date or the credit will be forfeited.
5. Proficiency:   Credit will be awarded for an overall average of 80% for general assignments. 


Electricity & Magnetism

  • Semester Exam
  • Notebook

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