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AP Physics 1

This course is equivalent to a first-year Algebra/Trig based college Physics course. As such, it requires a considerable effort and time commitment compared to a regular Physics course - you can expect, as is the case with most college courses, to spend at least as much time outside of class as you do in class working in this course and probably much more. A year of Physics is helpful, though not required for this course, but I encourage you to seek others with more experience if this is your first course in Physics. We will move fast and part of your challenge will be to keep pace, for falling behind is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Your work will culminate with the AP Exam in early May which can earn you either college credit or a course waiver depending on the school you attend.

Textbooks: Giancoli, Douglas C., Physics 6th Edition               CK12.org - Electronic textbook used by the group - join class hyc2m
Formula Sheet  - students can use a clean copy of this during any activity during this class (it is also supplied to the student during the AP exam)

Unit 1 Intro to Physics

Due Date

due: 12/1/14

  • Math Review

due: 12/2/14

due: 12/5/14

due: 12/12/14

due: 12/8/14

  • Notes 01 {bring a notebook to take notes}

due: 12/10/14


Unit 2 Kinematics

  •  Problem Solving

  •  Kinematics Graphs


Unit 3 Motion in 2D

  • 3-1~3-2 Vectors
Vector Practice WS
  • 3-3 Add, Subtract Vectors

  • 3-4 Vector Components

  • 3-8 Relative Velocity

Projectiles 1 ck12.org
  • Review 3

  • Quiz 3

Unit 4 Dynamics

due 2/9/15
  • FBD
Slide Show
  • Friction

  • Inclines

<<<<<<<<<End of 0.5 cr >>>>>>>>     
Unit 5 Circular Motion

Unit 5.5 Rotation

  • Angular Momentum

Waves & Sound
  • Giant Packet to complete over Conference Week that is worth millions of npoints...

Unit 6 Energy

Unit 7 Linear Momentum

  • Quiz



Electricity (Mini-unit week)

Review for Exam

Lab Portfolio   Save all your labs for this = 50 lab pts 



AP Physics 1

Movie Recommendations

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