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Consumer Math

As a means of further developing a Mindfulness for your learning, at the beginning of the learning plan complete a calendar to schedule the tasks. At a minimum the calendar should be updated upon completion of tasks. The student can use either paper or electronic calendars. 
Textbook: Success in Consumer Math

Semester 1 (0.5 cr)
Chapter 1 Earning Money
Chapter 2 Take-Home Pay
Chapter 3 Budgeting
Chapter 4 Personal Banking
Chapter 5 Becoming an Informed

Semester 2 (0.5 cr)
Chapter 6 Making a Purchase
Chapter 7 Buying Food
Chapter 8 Transportation
Chapter 9 Housing
Chapter 10 Stocks, Bonds & Displays

  • Your Notebook should have:
  • ...your Learning Plan
  • ...an updated Calendar
  • ...a collection of your notes from each chapter & section 
  • ...practice problems 
  • You also complete a "Reflection of the Learning Plan" form Reflection form