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What is a Math Project?

Each Learning Plan has an assigned project. You are to complete a math project that you haven't completed before (no repeats). These projects could involve:

  •     Historical events, People, or Technology
  •     Banking or Sports statistics
  •     Experiment that includes data collection and analysis.
  •     Models, tables, charts, graphs, written reflection, or algebraic notation.
  •     Artwork with a description of the mathematics.
  •     The Project should reflect a sense of professionalism and be presented as such. It should be simple to identify this as a Math Project.
  •     It is intended to be an Application of Math.
  •     It should take about 3 hours to complete.
You can do one of these or modify it to your style OR make up your own. If you are in doubt to whether the project is ok or not,  run it by me...

||>You will also present your project to the class. (3-5 minute)

||>Once you complete your project, 

||>Turn in your project (Posters & papers to my Inbox, Slideshows shared with me at tthedell@osd.wednet.edu )

Road Trip Example.ppt

Number systems.pptx

Tesselations math geometry project

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